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Prints Available in estimated best sizes in the store. Contact me if you want to arrange a different size print. 

You can order a selection of prints which are printed, and shipped, by Saal Digital who produce excellent premium quality prints. As a note, purchases from my store page will have your mailing address shared with Saal Digital for the purposes of shipping you your quality prints. Your mailing address will not be shared with any other parties by Alexander Lull Photography, and will be handled in accordance with Saal Digital's Privacy Policy for shipping.

If there is any concern with the print quality from Saal Digital you can check out my blog where I reviewed their professional line of photobooks. Also see descriptions below for details on the prints available through my store. 

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Canvas Prints

Premium Quality Photo Canvas


Canvas prints are the classic way to view photography in your own home while also providing a high level of quality. Making for a great way to start off, or add to your personal gallery. 


Canvas prints ordered of my work are printed on a high end canvas that ensures rich colors reproduction to make for an excellent addition to your wall. The sizes offered for each photo are to help ensure that the final product that arrives at your door looks its best.


The canvas is stretched over a wooden frame and the prints come ready to hang with an included suspension system. By default, the canvas thickness is 2mm, please contact me if you'd like a 4mm option. For those that prefer a floating look, the canvas print is also available with a floating frame in either black or white.


Poster Prints

Affordable and Portable Quality

Looking for a mildly less expensive option to get some quality art into your home, or maybe even your dorm room? Poster prints are a great choice for either. 

These prints come from the printer with exceptionally high color density and visual clarity as to not sacrifice any quality with your prints.

Metal Prints

Metal Prints with Excellent Sharpness

Metal prints provide you with the maximum level of sharpness from your images. Additionally, the metal material of the prints helps to make the colors shine vibrantly while also providing a rather matte surface. This is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a more modern look.

The metal prints ordered through my store are printed using the latest generation of UV direct printing with 7 different colors to obtain rich color accuracy, even in the fine details.

Metal prints can come with either a white or black floating frame, just as the canvas prints can.

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