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2021 World Landscape Photography Competition Fundraiser

I figured I would give a quick update on what I have been doing this week. I have not participated in a lot of photography competitions as of late, instead doing mostly my own thing with my photos but I did take up the opportunity to join one today. This one is a little bit different however, as it also acts as a yearly charity for a good cause. This year all the proceeds go towards environmental charities to support the protection of the beautiful environments that all of us landscape photographers love to enjoy.

The photography competition fundraiser is hosted each year by one of my favorite landscape photographers, Nigel Danson. Although, it is also supported by judges which are some other popular landscape photographers such as Stuart McGlennon, Cath Simard, Michael Shainblum, Verity Milligan, and Neil Burnell. If you are interested in seeing what it is about check it out here.

In picking the photos that I wanted to use I decided to just stick with five of my favorite photos from my currently active portfolio. For those that have not seen my gallery, and will read this instead of looking at it, the photos that made it into my top five are shown below.

If you are into taking landscape photos, then at the very least entering these competitions can be a fun way to show off your work. Who knows, you might have some extra ordinary shots as well that you didn't even know would be popular! Go get out there and share your favorite work with your friends, family, and others!

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