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The Cheapest State To Buy A Car

Car prices and overall costs by state depend on a variety of factors such as taxes, registration fees, dealer fees, and more. No matter how skilled you are at negotiation, costs can still vary significantly by state.

the cheapest state to buy a car


New Hampshire wins the best state overall to purchase a vehicle due to low purchase prices and state sales tax exemption. New Hampshire does not levy additional fees and taxes on the purchase of a used vehicle, making it the best state for a new or used car purchase. Registering your vehicle in New Hampshire is also cost-efficient as they charge a minimal fee per thousand dollars of the total sale price.

New Hampshire does not excel in all presented categories, but when considering the overall costs of a vehicle purchase, New Hampshire rises to the top. Consumers from surrounding states, owning property in New Hampshire, such as Vermont, Maine, and Massachusetts can benefit from the multiple car-buying incentives New Hampshire offers.

In contrast, California is the worst state for the initial costs of vehicle purchases. California remains one of the most expensive states in the nation in terms of the annual cost of living which unfortunately also applies to their initial car buying fees. A high sales tax rate of 7.25% and rising gas prices in the state, add more to the average cost of new cars and used cars sold throughout the state.

Oregon offers the most stable processing fee with a cap of $150 depending on if the dealership you purchase the vehicle from uses an integrator or not. An integrator is a third party who the dealership has a contract with to complete the vehicle purchase. Following Oregon, Alaska and New Hampshire offer the second most stable processing fees in the nation. Processing fees in either state should not exceed a couple of hundred dollars.

North Carolina also offers many major metropolitan areas, providing more vehicle maintenance locations. More options as a consumer mean saving money on any repairs or maintenance that needs to be done on your vehicle. North Carolina also places sixth in the most affordable state for auto insurance premiums.

MissouriMissouri offers some of the cheapest gas prices in the United States (US) and affordable insurance costs. Where Missouri truly shines, however, is in offering car buyers some of the lowest transportation, title, and registration fees in the nation.

WisconsinSimilar to other states on our list, Wisconsin is a great state to purchase a car due to low insurance premiums, gas prices, and maintenance fees, which are some of the most affordable in the US.

Wisconsin boasts the second-lowest annual car ownership fees in the nation, saving residents a lot of money on yearly car ownership expenses. Wisconsin is a top-ranked state for original vehicle purchase and an affordable state to own a vehicle in, attracting buyers from in and around the state.

Avoiding any excess fees ultimately makes the vehicle a cheaper purchase for you in the long run. Purchasing a vehicle in a state that does not charge car sales tax will reduce your monthly payment and could save you thousands of dollars within the term of your auto loan.

Insurance rates play a major role in the total cost of owning a vehicle every year. With the increase in the cost of living across the nation, states offering lower car insurance rates offer residents breaks in total vehicle ownership over those who do not.

Outside of these factors, there are states that are traditionally cheaper to carry auto insurance than others. Below is a list of the cheapest states in the country for auto insurance premiums and their average annual cost.

The most expensive states in terms of automotive insurance premiums are Florida, Michigan, and Louisiana. A major factor that contributes to higher auto insurance rates in Florida and Michigan is the fact that they are no-fault states.

With increasing car prices you may be considering purchasing a vehicle outside of your home state. Shipping a car from outside of the state to your home state could be a money-saving solution for some consumers but for others, it could end up costing more. It is extremely important that as a consumer you do extensive research before buying a vehicle from out of state.

If you are seeking a certain year, make, and model of an old classic car, you can expect to have to arrange for an out-of-state purchase. For the average consumer wanting to save money on their vehicle purchase, however, the amount of money saved may not be worth the hassle.

A car offering a lower MSRP in a different state may save you upfront costs but you have to factor in transportation, sales tax, and possible out-of-state registration fees. Depending on your home state, you may have to also pay to get the vehicle to pass local inspections and emissions tests.

State sales taxes can make a big difference in the final cost of a car, too. For example, if you were to buy a new car for $45,000 in California, where the combined state and average local sales tax rate is 8.68%, you could end up spending an extra $3,906 in taxes alone.

For example, consider these top five states for most expensive combined sales tax rates, according to the Tax Foundation: Tennessee (9.55%); Louisiana (9.52%); Arkansas (9.51%); Washington (9.23%) and Alabama (9.22%). While California has the highest statewide sales tax, its lower local rates offset that amount which keep it from making this list.

As you can see, some states can be cheaper for certain car buying costs and more expensive for others. For example, Alaska has some of the lowest sales taxes, but the highest used car prices and dealer fees.

In general, however, buying out of state might not save you much. A car in a state that has lower prices might help you save money upfront, but you could end up spending just as much or more as you would at home because of expenses like sales taxes, out-of-state registration filing fees or getting the vehicle to pass local inspections and emissions tests.

So honestly speaking, car buying can be an expensive exercise. This is why buying a car from another state is becoming more and more popular among American car shoppers. Find the cheapest place to buy a car online. This BLOG also has a number of relevant articles.

To be honest, car buying in the USA is not as cheap as it has been in the past. Nevertheless the internet has enlarged the car buying pool by thousands of vehicles. They can be found on the internet, however they are spread around the country, and even in foreign countries. This is why numerous car buyers are opting to purchase their vehicles from another state before shipping them back home.

You may ask why are cars so cheap in Florida? Well for starters, The Sunshine State is dotted with an inflated concentration of used car dealers, and this drives competition up, and keeps prices down. This classic example of supply and demand pricing has used car prices on average $1000 lower than in any other US state.

With this in mind, you may not live in the cheapest place to buy a car in the world, but there are certain states that are less expensive than others. It could save you to look for an out of state deal, but remember to budget for any added registration fees and shipping costs. To know what you will be paying for car shipping before you have even booked, use this free car shipping calculator.

Every vehicle that gets sold, or purchased, in the US has to be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles, and then get fitted with a license plate (vehicle registration plate) before being legally allowed on our roads. The title fee of a vehicle is usually a one of payment at time of purchase, while licensing fees are paid annually, and varies between from state to state.

Each state has their own criteria for setting a price - some charge a flat fee while others base the fee on vehicle price, age, horsepower and even weight. Check with the DMV in your state for a more accurate price on your specific vehicle type and model.

By including states other than the one where you live, in your car shopping possibilities, you have a much larger pool of vehicles to choose from, and this increases your chances of big savings. This also applies to having your car repaired, or if you are looking to pimp your ride a bit.

When it comes to looking for a different car, whether new or used, your local dealer sometimes does not have the exact vehicle type, make, model or style that you are looking for. Why not let your fingers do the work on the internet and you could find exactly what you are looking for, just a state or two away. But what other reasons are there to buy a car from another state?

Whether you purchase online, or at a physical site, Nationwide Auto Transportation is your go to company for auction car shipping that is professional and affordable. Get hold of Nationwide for a free quote and valuable advice regarding how to ship your car from another state.

Although it can be a bit complicated when you buy a car from out of state, it is not unmanageable. Once you have a better understanding of the different requirements by the various states, you will feel more at ease, and in the next section we look at what to know when you consider buying a car from another state.

We have established that buying a car from another state has numerous advantages, like getting a good deal on a Ford 150 in Maine, when you stay in Alabama. It can however turn sour if you do not do your due diligence before signing anything. It is important to consider:

New Hampshire is the overall winner in the cheapest state to buy a car race because of the state's super low registration fees, and no sales tax. Florida slides into second place with a diverse inventory, and car prices that are 10% below the national average. It also happens to be on the highest end of the scale when it comes to vehicle registration, and title fees.

Your options are diverse and varied and we wish you the best of luck with your purchase. Always remember that Nationwide Auto Transportation will safely transport your car, whether you bought it from a state that is 2000 miles away, or to your neighbor state, only a few hundred miles away. Need to ship your custom car? We shipped the Batmobile and we can ship your car. Speak to our team about the best shipping method for your car's specific configurations. 041b061a72


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