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The Start of a New Adventure

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

4+ Years Ago

I have not always had a passion for photography, but I have always loved hiking, growing up as an endurance athlete and exploring the countryside nearby my hometown. My professional journey started off with my undergraduate degree in engineering and as I left college, my work allowed me long weekends. This free time began to be filled with a passion for photography as I obtained my first camera, a GoPro that I used for hiking with. Not the best of cameras, but it got my start into learning the minutia of landscape photography, focusing on composition and lightning. However, many of my earlier photos did not necessarily turn out the best. With a couple exceptions.

3 Years Ago

Following a hike through the indescribably beautiful enchantments in north-eastern Washington, I was rather disappointed with the quality of the images that I came home with in terms of retained detail when viewed at full size. Additionally, I had begun to be unhappy with the constraints of the fish-eyed lens and its effects on many of my photos for better or for worse. So I purchased my first quality camera. After a fair bit of research, I opted to go with a Nikon Z6 mirrorless camera to take advantage of both modern camera technology, and a lighter camera body as compared to other full frame DSLR's. This switch to a full featured camera came with a steep learning curve compared to the GoPro that I had previously used. With this I began to take classes, and follow other landscape photographers out of a desire to fully develop, what was at the time a committed hobby of mine.

2 Years Ago

Many months following the start of my relationship with my Z6, I came across the opportunity to have a full ride through to pay for a master’s degree in engineering. This took much of my time over the two years, so I had to plan my photography accordingly. I did some portrait work for some friends and family, and focused on learning as much as I could seeing as I was already in school again anyways. It was during this two-year period where most of the photos you see on my Instagram, or across my website came from. Additionally, I had the unique privilege in taking studies on entrepreneurship and what it takes to structure a business or manage a product.


So, as I approached the completion of my graduate degree, I decided to take the plunge and start my own business, with the product becoming the passion that I have since developed over the years. Now that my free time has once again opened up and I have begun to have the time to visit the beautiful locations around the west coast more often and share these experiences with those willing to listen. My goals for this business, and its future are simple:

  • Travel and experience beautiful new locations, furthering my passion for photography.

  • Grow in the landscape photography community and grow my portfolio.

  • Make my photography accessible to those that share a passion for what awaits outside.

  • Not to let commercial pursuits overtake my passion for photography.

I invite you to follow along with me through my journeys. I will be keeping you updated via weekly posts on my Instagram account, and will periodically be making updates to this blog to give anything from advice, updates on my endeavors, and trips that I have taken to keep the community engaged and wondering what is around the corner. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or comments that you may have as this new adventure unfolds.

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